Life Changer Drive

Get equipped for quality kōrero with your friends & whānau

Welcome to the Support Office Life Changer Drive, 📅 4–20 JUN 2024 

  • Invite your loved ones to partner in what the Lord is doing here in Aotearoa…. empowering New Zealanders in money chaos with free practical help and spiritual hope.
  • As a Life Changer, your loved one will ensure there’s free help available for the next person, like Mel, who calls.
  • As you review the resource options below, please think about what might inspire your loved one.

    Consider prayerfully, then organise a quality kōrero. 🙏 It could in person, face-to-face or via a phone call. It might be initiated or supported via txt/social media (or by dropping off some printed material).

Two angles for asking

ONE   |  ‘Release a NZer’   |    Right now, there’s a wave of people calling CAP, drowning in debt.

Mel, CAP client, financially resilient
This was Mel’s experience…

“We were basically living on $50 a week. This just doesn’t allow you to eat… Rent. Power. Freaking out. It got to the point where I had insomnia.”

Will you give $46 a month to release one person like Mel from poverty?

* $46 month to release each person in a household from money chaos. (Or 2x Life Changers giving $23/month).

“I have more knowledge about money… we gained so much – relationships, relationships with God… CAP has given me my life… the future for my son and I is full of possibility.”

TWO  |  ‘Strengthening NZers’  |  For Sarah, and thousands of New Zealanders like her, money chaos is just not OK.

Sarah CAP NZ client on bike with her kid

“After my workplace injury, the debt felt inescapable. Money lenders were trying to chase me… I’d lost my passion, and with the job loss, it felt like my identity as well. You can’t breathe.”

Will you give $46 a month to walk alongside a person like Sarah? 

Your support ensures people in money chaos are able to start receiving free practical help. People are equipped with a kete/basket of money tools, enabling them to pay back debt with their own income.

And doors open to start strengthening relationships… with money, self, others, and God.

* $46 month to release each person in a household from money chaos. (Or 2x Life Changers giving $23/month).

“My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much!
As a mum: driving to the beach, not having to worry about petrol… I get to create a loving home. I think that’s what any mum or dad wants!” 

Ways to start a regular gift

Send your friends or whānau to this special donate page

    Other options (pick up a printed Direct Debit form in Te Poho):

      Tips to inspire your loved ones

      How $46/month releases a person from money chaos

      CAP walks alongside  — strengthening their financial position

        • Free practical help begins with a CAP first responder taking a person’s call 
        • Karakia/prayer is offered
        • A CAP Debt Coach from a local church visits each person’s home
        • Empty cupboards are filled with kai, if needed
        • CAP creates a customised whānau budget— prioritising rent, food
        • CAP advocates for the rights of clients, negotiating with lenders to get unfair interest and fees wiped
        • Families have, on average, $80 extra per month for food
        • CAP builds savings into people’s budgets, so they learn a habit of savings to reach their goals!

      And as money chaos eases, doors open for people, like Sarah, to start…

      Strengthening their relationships… with money, self, others, and God

      • Money skills and resilience to navigate life when costly events happen!
      • Self knowledge & confidence to pursue goals — ‘what’s most important to me/my whānau?’
      • Whānau relationships strengthen. New friends as people start connecting to a church
      • People discover they’re made in God’s image; they take steps closer to Jesus.
      Preparing for quality kōrero

      1. Take a prayerful approach

      • What inspires you about the impact of CAP in communities? 
      • Now, consider what will most inspire your friend or family member.
      • In approaching the conversation, try to find a sweetspot between what inspires you and what inspires your friend.

      2. Be confident — the Life Changer drive is an invitation

      • Reflect: where do you see God working in lives of CAP clients… in this land, Aotearoa? This is your loved ones’ opportunity to be a part of this!
      • Don’t assume that the cost-of-living is a barrier to giving; that might deprive loved ones of the opportunity to make a difference.
        • CAP knows from experience: when times are challenging, people go back to their values.
        • If people are passionate about NZers strengthening relationships with money, self, others and God… there’s every chance they’ll want to get involved!

      • 3. You have two weeks — make a plan

        Which two people are you going to contact? Make the limited time you have count… start today.

      • 4. Use a mix of ‘head and heart’

        CAP client stories play a big role in moving people emotionally to become a Life Changer. 

        As people discern their giving, they may also want to find out more about the effectiveness and impact of their giving. To anticipate and be ready for this, get familiar with the latest stats or grab a copy of the 2024 Impact report (linked below or pick one up from the resource table in Te Poho).

        First with the heart, and then with the head!

      How effective is CAP Debt Help?

      Since Christians Against Poverty began in New Zealand in 2008, more than 2,400 people have been freed of unmanageable debt! And in this time, more than $112 million in unmanageable debt and bills have been paid or written off.

      Not a single dollar of unmanageable debt has been paid by CAP — it’s the clients themselves who do the hard work of making repayments on their own debt.

      This creates a habit of keeping to a budget and saving – meaning sustainable change! As clients learn money wisdom, they are empowered to pass it onto the next generation.

      Before CAP, three out of four clients couldn’t pay for daily living expenses without borrowing money.
      After CAP, more than nine out of ten stay clear of unmanageable debt once going debt free.

      In 2020, Impact Lab independently assessed CAP’s effectiveness. Impact Lab found that every $1 invested in CAP Debt Help multiplies into $4.90 worth of social benefit to Aotearoa. The report shows evidence that CAP Debt Help improves physical health and food choices; reduces need for emergency benefits; improves mental health; increases financial resilience and savings and improves relationships.

      Before CAP, just 1 in 10 clients had hope, but once with CAP, this increases to 8 out of 10 having hope for the future.

      CAP Debt Help also enhances taha wairua, spiritual health. Two out of three CAP clients who felt open (‘neutral’ or ‘positive’ towards God) said ‘since CAP, I feel a closer connection to Him!’

      And how beautiful that over 1,430 precious people, like Sia, have made a commitment, taking steps closer to Jesus — their stories unfolding in new and life-giving ways.


      As you engage with friends and whānau, make use of these resources. Printed materials are available in Te Poho for you to grab. Share a video or social media post. ✨

      Got questions? Check our FAQs.

      Print materials (in Te Poho)

      Giving form — get copies from Te Poho or download

      Invite people to read ‘This is my story’

      Share CAP’s latest Impact Report

      Hand someone a Z card

      Before & After CAP — stats and two-pager

      Social media 

      Mel gave her all to parenting. But by night, she’d be wide awake until 3am thinking about her debt. “Rent. Power… Freaking out. Life before CAP was a panic room…”

      💚Will you donate $46 a month to release a person like Mel from money chaos? Give today at

      “When I called CAP, I heard ‘Can I pray for you?’ With CAP, no one’s going to let you fall.”

      CAP’s free practical help continues with a Debt Coach from a local church – visiting people in their homes. Meanwhile, a specialist Debt Solutions team equips each person with a kete/basket of money tools, enabling people to pay back debt with their own income.

      “Someone took all my worries. You just never thought you’d go on a journey with the BIG GUY!
      Life after CAP — I would say ‘freedom’. The future for my son and I is full of possibility!”

      👩‍👧‍👦“It’s like a human shield.”
      When a person in money chaos reaches out for CAP’s Debt Help, hope starts from the very first phone call.

      💚Will you donate $23 a month to help release a New Zealander from money chaos? Give today at

      Before CAP, just 1-in-10 clients say they have hope. But once with CAP, this increases to 8-out-of-10 holding hope for the future! (Source: CAP client survey).

      As CAP & the local church walk alongside, New Zealanders receive a unique combo of money tools to strengthen financial position, face-to-face visits, prayer, plus mana-affirming support… 

      As money chaos eases, doors open for people to start strengthening their relationships… with money, self, others and God.

      Read inspiring stories of CAP clients on