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Money problems? We care. Help is free.

Kath was drowning in loans, bills, credit cards, car costs…

She called CAP and everything changed. Now, she’s one of 2,400+ New Zealanders who’ve said “goodbye” to money problems and “hello” to debt free living.

You can go debt free too. Our help is free & confidential – caring support, budget help and debt counselling for as long as you need.

Apprehensive Mum with loans before CAP and celebrating withwhanau

You don’t need to live with debt stress any longer. CAP’s free debt help starts with a phone chat.

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9 reasons to choose our friendly CAP team

Unmanageable debt can happen to anyone – we understand! You’re starting to get on top of things, but then the car breaks down and the kids need money for school camp. Now the power bill is overdue. So, you take out a loan (and then another loan…)

    1. You don’t have to leave home – we can come to you.
    2. We’ll listen to see how we can help you to do the best for you and your whānau.
    3. Your personal situation and financial info stays confidential.
    4. Our expert advisers will tailor a budget and a plan for you. It’s our priority to take the pressure off so you’ll always have money for food and essential bills like rent.
    5. Whānau walking with CAP Debt Help have an extra $80 food budget on average per month.
    1. With CAP Debt Help on your side, your bill & debt repayments are simplified. You can make one regular payment to CAP (instead of multiple payments to different creditors). We distribute your repayments to the right creditors at the right time. Our service is free so CAP won’t take a cent of your money!
    2. Hate being hassled by debt collectors and creditors? Once you’ve started repayments through CAP you can ask them to stop their stressful letters, calls, TXTs and emails, and ask that they call CAP instead.
    3. CAP can negotiate with your creditors and advocate for you.  We’ll do our best to get as much interest and unfair fees written off for you as we can.
    4. Our team can walk with you until you are free from unmanageable debt.

Taking the first step is easy

Get us to call you
Complete the form below and one of our friendly CAP team will be in touch with you shortly.

Be inspired by the stories of clients who’ve gone debt free!

How CAP Debt Help works

Set up a home visit – we will come to you!
Free call 0508 227 111 to find out if you live in an area covered by a CAP Debt Help centre. We can make an appointment for a Debt Coach and a friendly support person to visit you (either in the comfort of your own home or at another location of your choosing). Zoom/phone options are also available.

Understanding your situation
Reaching out for help isn't easy - but it's worth it!

As we seek to understand your circumstances, there is no judgement – we simply want to help and partner with you to relieve your debt stress. This starts by working with you to gather up all of your paperwork. We want to get a picture of your income, expenses and money owed/debt.

Next, CAP will build a budget to meet life's needs
Our team of expert advisers at CAP's Support Office (based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland) will work with your local Debt Coach to develop a plan to get you out of debt, tailored to your unique situation.

We'll work out a realistic budget by prioritising essential needs and expenses like food and rent/housing.

Your Debt Coach will be in touch/visit you again to explain the budget; including your options/choices to work your way out of debt and the payments you'll need to make. These options and decisions won't always be easy, but the hard work will definitely pay off in the end.

Simplified debt and bill payments
Instead of having to worry about multiple payments to different creditors, you'll only need to make one regular payment to CAP. We’ll set up a CAP Account for you to pay into. This is a simple tool that makes it easier for you to stick with your budget and repay your debts.

How this works: you'll need to make one weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment into your plan to cover your debt repayments. CAP does not take any of this money. Our service is completely FREE.

We will then distribute this money to your creditors on your behalf, at the rate we’ve agreed with them – so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

We can advocate for you.  Where it's possible to negotiate with creditors we aim to get as much interest and unfair fees written off for you as we can - we want you to get debt free faster!

Hate being hassled by debt collectors and money lenders? The great thing is that once you've started repayments through CAP you can ask your money lenders to stop their phone calls, stressful letters, TXT messages and emails, and request that they call CAP instead.

Start saving... so you can work towards your goals!
We want you to be able to start saving. We’ll help you build a budget for your essentials costs and together we'll work towards savings for your all-important expenses like a WOF, rego, school fees... any future needs such as Christmas presents. How good will it be to buy those important things without needing to go into debt?

Dealing with severe debt
If you are in severe debt, then we can walk you through insolvency options, such as requesting a No Asset Procedure, bankruptcy, or Debt Repayment Order. The CAP Support Office team will assess your options and walk you through the process for each.

You will get FREE support every step of the way
Life can throw you challenges and bring beautiful new chapters. At CAP we aim to shoulder some of the burden so that there's less stress during these transitions.

Remember, by continuing with your budget, you can be sure that you're working towards your debt free day. As circumstances change (such as moving house, having a baby, changing jobs) you’ll be supported by our CAP team – right up until the day you go debt free!

Find a CAP Debt Help Centre near you

To book an appointment with a Debt Centre in your area, call the CAP team on 0508 227 111


All of Auckland (with the exception of Kumeu and Franklin areas)

Te Awamutu

Bay of Plenty
Te Puke

Hawkes Bay
Havelock North


Kapiti Coast
Lower Hutt






Can’t find a centre in your area? Call the CAP team on 0508 227 111 as we may still be able to help.

Frequently asked questions

Is CAP just for Christians?
Whoever you are, whatever you believe – or don’t believe – CAP welcomes you!

Does your service cost anything?
No, CAP’s services are free! This is possible because of regular donations from New Zealanders, local churches, businesses and charitable trusts, who want to see people and whānau like you go from surviving to thriving.

Will my money lenders and creditors co-operate with you?
In most cases, yes. CAP has built relationships with all of the major creditors in New Zealand, and our team will negotiate on your behalf, offering creditors repayments based on what you can afford.

Can CAP help if I am self-employed?
If you’re self employed, CAP will not be the best organisation to help you. However, you could get in touch with or who may be able to assist.

“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Meet some of our friendly CAP team who will walk with you through the process

Debt Help Coach

Iwi: Te Rarawa/Te Atiawa/Scotland
Favourite food: Lamb shanks in winter and self-caught fish in summer!
Passion: To see you released from the burden of debt and to witness your life changing experiences.

Meet some of our friendly CAP team who will walk with you through the process

Leseaimalo Katie
Pasifika Engagement Manager

Favourite music: Old skool RnB!
“I understand what you’re going through... because my family has also been part of the CAP journey. It’s my heart to see families receive the love & encouragement they need to become debt free too!”

Meet some of our friendly CAP team who will walk with you through the process

Senior Support Caseworker

Favourite song: So will I (100 Billion X)
“Being a mother, I know that when a client becomes debt free, it is going to improve their children’s lives, and their children’s children’s lives."