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Pam and Richard’s story

Feb 23, 2018

“It looked like he had just changed, a whole new person in front of me… it was like wow!”Pam

Being in debt affected every area of Pam and Richard’s lives.

Richard was frustrated at the hopelessness of their situation, Pam felt she was treading on eggshells – and their six kids would completely avoid their dad. It got so bad that Pam used to hide in bed under the covers because she couldn’t face the day.

Thankfully, the couple found out about CAP Debt Help at a Work and Income appointment – and began to get the help with their debts they needed.

After beginning their journey with CAP Debt Help, their Centre Manager invited the family to a ‘CAP Discovery Break.’ As well as being a much-needed four-day holiday, the family attended workshops dealing with big issues in life, like unforgiveness and anger… and at the second session the whole family gave their lives to Christ!

And as they prayed, Pam recalls looking over at Richard:

“It looked like he had just changed, a whole new person in front of me… it was like wow!”

They’re now regulars at their local church, and they play scripture games at dinner time! Their home life is now completely transformed:

“After coming from a home that’s like you got no food, you got nothing, and [now] they’re doing so well… and they love going to school, and they love going to church.

In fact, the kids can’t wait to go to church and start asking very early in the week if they’re going this Sunday. And they’re up ready and waiting at 7:30am!