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Josh and Ann’s story

Sep 23, 2017

“It felt like we were sprinting on the spot. Life is not meant to be like this.”Ann

Deeply in debt, Josh and Ann felt trapped.

The couple’s conversations were all about money… and their marriage was suffering. When they did have money, their choice became – should they buy food for their young family, or pay a bill? And which bill should they pay first?

It became easier to keep the kids home from school some days, because there was just no food for their lunch.

Josh and Ann had constant phone calls from creditors demanding money. A debt collection agency even came to their home and took the family car.

Being in so much debt isolated the family. And like two-thirds of our client families prior to CAP, Josh and Ann stopped leaving the house, even to attend family events:

“We didn’t want to see anyone, we kept to ourselves. We were ashamed. At birthdays, weddings, things like that we didn’t have any money, so I’d make up an excuse of why we couldn’t go.”

The couple called CAP, and thanks to you, the family could receive the help they desperately needed to break out of their impossible situation:

“As soon as CAP came into our home, a whole weight was just lifted off – we didn’t have to deal with it.”

 The constant pressure from creditors stopped – and they could buy food for the family!

Ann now tells everyone about CAP and how their lives have been transformed. The couple who used to avoid family events, now have family members marvelling at how far they’ve come.

One of Ann and Josh’s hopes for the future is that their children won’t repeat their mistakes: 

“We try and teach them, and advise them about budgeting. I tell them… if you want something, pay cash.”

When CAP rang the couple with the good news that they were debt free, Ann was so overwhelmed: 

“I just stood there and cried.”

What do Josh and Ann enjoy doing now as a family, that they couldn’t before? Getting ice-cream!

Yes that’s right – they can go out together for ice-cream. It’s these little things in life that are so important to a family – and they’re simply out of reach when you’re drowning in debt.

“Going for ice cream is a big thing. We can go along the beach in public, eating our ice-cream, without feeling guilty we’re not paying a bill!”

So from their family to you – THANK YOU! Their family life has turned around, because of you.