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Lee’s story

Jun 12, 2023

“Sitting on the floor in the foetal position… to standing. From despair, to hope.”

The loss of his career and the loss of a relationship coincided, leaving Lee completely overwhelmed. As a dad, he’d do anything for his two boys and would miss meals so that they wouldn’t go hungry. When his bank statements arrived…

“It could have been one zero or a thousand zeros, I just couldn’t make sense of any of it.”

Lee heard about CAP when seeking help from a staff member at Work and Income. He was sceptical of Christians at the time:

“I didn’t really like Christians that much. But [when I called] there was a gentleness I’d never experienced before.”

Lee recalls three transformational phone calls with CAP: In his first phone call he remembers sitting on the floor in the foetal position, nervous and scared. But by the time he called CAP for the third time… 

“I was standing. In three short phone calls, from despair, to hope… You know, I think there might be something in this God thing.

During his interactions with CAP, Lee learnt valuable money skills. In his words:

“CAP put a wall around the chaos of my life…

They gave me time to think and structure my life financially. Teaching me to be wise with money — ‘You don’t need that… save those dollars and put it over here.’”

Across Aotearoa, CAP supporters — in partnership with local churches — are providing a way for people like Lee to build stronger relationships – with themselves,  money, others and God.

“I’ve got a brand new set of eyes. Before I went fast, fast, fast. Now, I see the beauty in this. My next project is…”

Watch Lee’s story above to see his inspiring new backyard project!

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