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Your CAP Impact Report 2024

Feb 19, 2024

Your 2024 Impact Report is filled with stories like CAP client Wai’s, who describes… “hope, belief and relief” — all thanks to you and the local church. Here’s taste of what your generosity has enabled:

  • 133 people like Anthony – freed from unmanageable debt! And another 32 households empowered to repay their remaining debt on their own. “With CAP… I am myself again.” — Anthony

  • 742 households visited by a CAP Debt Coach – bringing practical help and support into local homes. “The presence of God, prayer itself. It felt so good.” — Wai

  • Generational impact for people like Tina & her whānau. She says her family is now living with “Freedom, stability, joy… Your support is breaking the cycles, giving people hope.”

  • God’s love shared in practical ways with 4,700+ people across the motu.

Download your 2024 Impact Report

Thank you for playing a vital role in ending money chaos in Aotearoa.