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Emma’s story

Jul 9, 2016

“I felt like someone finally cared about me, not just my debt.”Emma

Emma was completely trapped by unmanageable debt. She faced impossible choices on a daily basis – should she buy food, or put petrol in the car to drive her son to school?

“I felt worthless as a mum… I wasn’t a good mum and like I was holding my son back.”

Barely able to afford basics like food, Emma and her son eventually resorted to living in a garage just to get by each week. Simple extras like buying a birthday present left Emma sleepless and gripped by fear.

“I was genuinely terrified. I didn’t know what to do.”

One day, Emma discovered CAP and bravely reached out for help. Watch her story to find out what happened!

But! Emma’s story doesn’t end there…

Four years on from Emma shared her CAP story in the video above, she caught up with CAP to share what life looks like today.