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Jesse’s story

Aug 26, 2022

Money lenders kept ringing me — Jesse CAP debt free client
Free. I feel free. I can stand up straight again.

Jesse shares how he went from a dark hole of debt, to a future where ‘everything’s easier’.

Jesse, what was life like before you called CAP?

I was in a relationship and it went sideways… and everything got left with me. The debt, $30,000—$40,000, was both of ours, but all of it was under my name. Creditors kept ringing me on a daily basis asking for money. It was like I was stuck in a hole and I didn’t know where I was. I was not in a good head space from the breakup and then all of that on top… I went downhill pretty fast. My mum was helping me with food, but other than that, I was just scraping by. Aside from my mum, I don’t think I told anybody. It was pretty embarrassing.

How did you hear about CAP?

I was a truck driver, and some deliveries were inside Westfield. I saw the flyer there and picked it up. It took me two weeks to build up the courage to call. I freaked out and hung up halfway through it ringing, and then tried again and then did the same! But when you start having a conversation, it all just comes naturally, everything’s so much easier. The Debt Coaches came and walked me through everything, took the time to explain it. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

How did things change once you were working with CAP?

I stopped getting [creditor] phone calls for a start. What I could eat changed from just basic, budget stuff to making some nice things… rather than processed food, actual food! Watching the [debt] balance go down was great. I was so proud of myself. Every time I got off the phone from CAP I rang my mum, because she’s really big in my life, she’s my rock. I’d be like, “this is what I’m doing.” It was great.

What was it like to go debt free?

You don’t really realise how much the debt is weighing you down until you’re actually debt free. It really is like a weight getting lifted off your shoulders.

When I first became debt free, my biggest goal was to go out and join the boxing gym. I’m not unhealthy, but my weight keeps climbing, so I’ve been doing that for three days a week. The first week, I hated it, and now I can’t imagine my day without it. I LOVE IT.

Do you have a word for CAP supporters?

Thank you for making the effort and being able to help people! Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for helping fund a place that actually makes a difference to people’s lives, it’s making people’s lives better.