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Stacey’s story

Sep 27, 2022

“Now, I feel like a great mum!”Stacey

Stacey was buried under mountains of debt, with no way out.
She couldn’t go anywhere or buy ‘decent’ food – she just didn’t have the money.

Her young daughter, Alyssa, wondered why Mum was always grumpy, and why they could never do anything fun together, like other kids did.

Stacey felt useless and helpless. She began telling herself, “I shouldn’t even be looking after a child.”

Stacey called CAP for free, confidential debt help. When she received her first budget she was amazed. “No way! Where did that money come from? I could buy what I wanted to buy. Meat, cheese, ice cream, treats for my daughter… Life now is a lot easier. I’m open to people. I wake up and don’t feel stressed out about what I am going to buy if it is a shopping day.”

Since going debt free, life looks totally different for Stacey. 

“I feel like a great mum. I can say YES more…fun and ungrumpy!” 

Watch her powerful story: