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Gemma’s story

Mar 1, 2022

“I used to just spend money because I thought that’s what made me happy… I was in thousands of dollars worth of debt, and I didn’t even recognise it. I was still sad. It was making me happy, but it was only making me happy for a moment. That’s the cycle.”Gemma

Gemma had felt alone her entire life.

Trapped in thousands of dollars’ worth of debt, Gemma took on midnight shifts at work just to get by – but that took her further away from time with her son and left her feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle.

One day Gemma heard about CAP from a co-worker – who also happened to be a CAP Debt Coach – and that one kōrero (conversation) led her to discover so much more than freedom from debt.

As she worked alongside CAP, God reached into her life. Gemma, now freed of her cycle of debt, is discovering new money wisdom. More than that she’s discovering a beautiful new relationship with her son, with God and His good creation.

“My discovery of joy is hiking with my family. We don’t even have to hike… but just being in nature, it reminds me of God’s creation and how beautiful it is. Every time I’m out here, God shows me something different about myself…”

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