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Francis and Anna’s Story

Oct 1, 2021

Atop Mt Iron, Wanaka: Anna and Francis celebrated going debt free by taking their kids on a weekend adventure!

Before Anna and Francis and their two children came to CAP, their bed was a pile of blankets on the cold, hard floor. Their only furniture was a table, until their rental agent offered to lend them a bed. They even got by without a fridge.

Anna had been affected by a mysterious paralysis, leaving Francis, a contractor, to work and look after the kids. The couple turned to short term loans to get by, but got caught in a cycle of debt that left them stressed and sleep deprived.

Francis even stopped taking his blood pressure medication to save money. Besides, he no longer cared whether his health worsened.

At a low point, Francis cried out to God, “I surrender!” It was then that he remembered…
he’d found CAP when searching the internet one day. But, as he recalls, “although I’d found CAP, it was really hard for me to call… ‘cause I felt ashamed.”

Thankfully his wife Anna found the courage to call, and once their CAP Debt Coach Michella met with them, the pressure eased. And Francis had the headspace to properly take care of himself:

“When CAP came, all the worries started to go away and I started to look after myself and my health.”

With a budget built by the specialist CAP Team which prioritised their food and rent, Francis and Anna no longer had to worry. Anna says the biggest change was “having more peace of mind.”

“CAP said ‘this is your budget for groceries, and this is your budget for this’… so we didn’t have that argument anymore. We learnt a lot from the budget, it taught us how to manage our money.”

With vital support from the CAP Team which you enable, Anna and Francis kept to the budget for three years and went debt free in April. They’ve slowly been able to furnish the rooms in their home… and simply being able to provide properly for their kids fills them with joy! The journey with CAP has strengthened their faith:

“I have seen and realised more what a good provider God really is… He has led Francis to
knowing about CAP. We are giving a much better life to our family.

“I always think of it like… we made a mistake, but CAP helps you to get that second chance.”

How wonderful! Thank you for giving Anna and Francis and their kids a second chance!

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