Dom's story

True friends know us, care about us and remind us that we are deeply valued. At our core, each of has a deep longing to be loved and to belong – a reflection of that fact that we were created for relationship. Sadly though, for many New Zealanders trapped by poverty, this longing goes unfulfilled. 

Poverty impacts far more than just finances; it breeds isolation, loneliness and shame. It strips people of their self-worth and sense of belonging, disconnecting them from the lifeline of positive relationships with people who love them.

This was true for Dom, who craved relationships but kept everyone at arm’s length out of a deep-seated fear of being judged and rejected.

So when Dom began attending CAP Life Skills - and eventually a Release Group - she found so much more than just new skills...she found she belonged somewhere. A place where she was fully seen, known, and loved - just as she was.

Dom's story

"[Release Group] gives you a sense of belonging, responsibility to each other, friendship, respect, loyalty, accountability, a sense of someone’s got my back.”