For families trapped in the life-sentence of debt and poverty, life is dark. It’s empty of hope, and it’s full of fear.

That’s exactly what it was like for Stacey. Buried under mountains of debt, she felt “useless, helpless” and a failure as a parent.

But four years ago, Stacey called CAP – and everything changed.

Today, Stacey is living a full life – one that’s full of hope, freedom and opportunity. And it’s all because of generous people like you who said ‘yes’.

By giving a one-off, or regular gift to CAP, you'll help another family receive free help through a CAP service - and enable them to step into a full life.

Will you say ‘yes’ – and help another family like Stacey’s?

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These New Zealand families have a message to the thousands of people giving them access to practical help and spiritual hope - THANK YOU!

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