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Chelsea’s story

May 10, 2023

I’ve been able to take my kids out to places where I never went as a child —and do things with them I never experienced.Chelsea

Chelsea, a mum of five, is now experiencing a full life she never thought possible – all because of a free CAP Money course!

A lack of knowledge about managing finances had landed her in money chaos.

“I knew nothing about financial debt, personal loans, budgeting, or anything like that… so all my money was going towards debt instead of going towards doing things with my children. There were times where I couldn’t afford to pay for specific things for them.“ 

CAP Money courses are run over three 90 minutes sessions, most often spread across three weeks. It’s a space for people of all ages and stages to learn how to spend, budget and save well. ‘The really good thing was involving my children. It begins those money education conversations... when they ask ‘Mum, where are we going?’

The atmosphere was awesome… Right down to different types of savings, budgeting tools. It was actually broken down and explained really well.” 

With a new set of budgeting tools in her belt, Chelsea set about paying off thousands of dollars worth of debt. Accomplishing this feat in four years, she’s finally able to do the things she always dreamed of!  
This year is the first time I’ve been on a plane. I was never able to save. I couldn’t know how to save. But this year I saved to go to Queenstown!” 

Chelsea’s kids are now able to participate in after-school activities and she’s relishing the opportunity to make memories with them. 

“Even though I’m an adult, I’m still experiencing it with my children. I’m able to do that because I cracked down on my finances, and started it all through CAP.” 

Ka mau te wehi, Chelsea! 

Free CAP Money courses are available to attend in person or online.