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Alan and Delwyn’s story

Oct 11, 2023

“We’re released from gloom… able to be the people we want to be.”Delwyn

When a creditor emailed Alan and Delwyn to say they had just seven days to repay their largest debt, they described the feeling as “suffocating.” Debt had already put a huge strain on their marriage, and their day-to-day living.

“We did a grocery shop, and I went to pay for it and it didn’t work. They had put a hold on our cards. That was the first time it came into my head, ‘I might not be able to provide as a Dad.’”

Delwyn had heard about CAP Debt Help and she and Alan decided to make a call. With this free, confidential support in place, everyday dynamics began to change. It strengthened their relationship with money, and with each other.

“It’s so much more than money. It’s peace of mind, freedom to make decisions... We aren’t having money arguments! Our kids notice the difference.” Delwyn

After receiving CAP’s free practical help, Alan and Delwyn’s whānau are now financially resilient — debt free and able to navigate as ‘life happens!’

“Being able to say YES to the kids a bit more… more fun things with them!” — Alan