Release a
New Zealander, like Sia, from poverty

“It was the debt. And I hated it. Is this it? Is this life?” – Sia

$1.50 a day (=$10.50 a week or $46 a month) is what it takes to release each person in a household from poverty.

Sia, a mother of four, recalls having nothing in the cupboard before calling CAP.

“I would go looking for coins between chairs, just so we could get some bread.”

“I would tackle a bill and another would pop up. I was at a point where I didn’t want to be here. It was depressing.”

After struggling like this for years, she decided to reach out to CAP’s free Debt Help service. The moment her Debt Coach visited her home, a weight lifted. “Finally – someone’s here to help me! She took a huge weight off me.”

“She asked if I’d ever been to church. I said no. After the prayer it felt like God had picked me up and had me in His hand. He went: ‘finally, you’ve come home’. ” 

Right now, there’s a wave of people calling CAP, drowning in debt.

Your donation of $1.50 a day (= $10.50 a week or $46 a month) is what it takes to release each precious person in a household from poverty. Start your gift today & the next New Zealander, like Sia, will never have to struggle alone. 

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Releasing New Zealanders from poverty, in partnership
with you and
Rhema Media.

people released... since 1st June 2022!

You’ll provide holistic practical help as well as the love of God – a local church journeys alongside each precious person.

  • Caring practically
  • Coaching and free support until they’re debt free
  • Connecting people relationally and spiritually with a community who cares.
    Prayer & karakia is offered — inviting God’s peace into the ups & downs of life.

When you start a regular gift of $1.50 a day — the equivalent of $10.50 a week or $46 a month — you’ll enable another New Zealander, like Sia, to start discovering life in all its fullness.

 Online Donations are powered by Pushpay & are secure. Alternatively, you can give offline or via bank transfer here.

You’ll provide essential help. A CAP first responder will take their call, plus a Debt Coach from a local church will visit their home – meaning there’s no barriers to help. Empty cupboards will be filled with food, if needed.


Empty cupboards are filled with food, if needed

“I started feeling happier, like I was full. When I was with CAP, I had people that had my back, who believed in me.”

CAP’s approach is proven to work:

  • A CAP specialist team goes into bat with money lenders to get unfair interest and fees wiped.
  • A customised budget will prioritise essentials like rent/food.
  • CAP empowers people to repay their debt using their own income. CAP never pays a dollar of their debt. It’s the clients who do the hard work.

Social impact - independently assessed by Impact Lab

Improved mental health

Improved spiritual wellbeing

Improved partner relationships

Improved physical health & food choices

Reduced need for emergency benefits

Create a generational impact. As Sia journeyed with CAP she started sharing her new money wisdom with her children:

“I’m teaching my children better money principles. I hope that what I’ve learned, they will be able to pick it up and do it for their families.”

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    Anna & Francis

    “CAP helps you get that second chance again.I have realised how good a provider God really is.”


    “Freed up brain space… I feel like the coolest mum on earth! I can enjoy weekends with the kids— being able to feed them whole, nutritious food.”

    Mark & Carol

    “Our marriage: it’s gone from strength-to-strength… there’s no greater feeling on earth than saying yes to our kids!”

    New Zealanders have gone from hardship to living debt free!

    million dollars in unmanageable debt and bills repaid or written off


    people using CAP Debt Help say it's 'life-transforming' or 'a great help'


    of people stay free from unmanageable debt two years after going debt-free

    A Christ-centred approach that cares for the whole person

    People are complex, relational beings made up of mind, body and spirit. So, CAP Debt Help works by wrapping around the whole person.

    CAP partners with 56 churches up and down Aotearoa. That means you’ll be addressing physical/material hardship, relational needs, and poverty of spirit – all at the same time.

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