Release a
New Zealander, like Sarah, from poverty

“You feel like you can’t breathe, you can’t see any other direction, but down.” – Sarah

$1.50 a day (=$10.50 a week or $46 a month) is what it takes to release each person in a household from poverty.

Sarah, working as a hairdresser, was in a pattern of  ‘ticking things up’ to give her boys the best start in life. Unfortunately she suffered an overuse injury. Unable to work, her finances soon became unmanageable.

“The debt felt inescapable. I’d lost my passion, and it felt like my identity as well. I got really depressed.”

 “The stress of finances, because money lenders were trying to chase me… I’d never been depressed before. You feel like you can’t breathe — things got bad.”

Sarah’s counsellor suggested she call CAP for free help.

“I was thinking, ‘CAP’s a Christian thing?!’ Are they going to push that on me? But my Debt Coach, came over & Dave was so friendly, and real! We had a laugh.”

CAP’s practical help was game changing for Sarah. “He prayed for me to be strong and to be able to get the finances done. And prayed for the boys — for them to be returned to my care. So that was a cool vibe”.

Right now, there’s a wave of people calling CAP, drowning in debt.

Your donation of $1.50 a day (= $10.50 a week or $46 a month) is what it takes to release each precious person in a household from poverty. Start your gift today so the next person, like Sarah, won’t need to struggle alone. 

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Releasing New Zealanders from poverty, in partnership
with you and
Rhema Media.

people released... since 1st July 2023!

“I started attacking the debt : that was a huge relief, emotionally and mentally.” — Sarah

Your regular donations to CAP will offer people, like Sarah, a unique combo of…

  • strengthening their financial position, and
  • strengthening people’s relationships with money, self, others and God.

By giving $1.50 a day — equivalent of $10.50 a week or $46 a month – you’ll enable another New Zealander, like Sarah, to start discovering life in all its fullness.

 Online Donations are powered by Pushpay & are secure. Alternatively, you can give offline or via bank transfer here.

CAP’s approach is proven to work — here’s how:

    • A CAP first responder take their call
    • A Debt Coach from a local church visits their home — or wherever is convenient amidst their complex lives
    • Empty cupboards  filled with food, if needed.
    • CAP advocates with money lenders to get unfair interest and fees wiped
    • A budget prioritises essentials like rent and food
    • Savings are built into CAP budgets, so people pick up the habit of saving. 


    CAP debt help woman sad on steps
    CAP brings money smarts and holistic support

    “My Debt Coach dropped off vegetables and things from church — a big hamper. Wow, it was so kind. ” — Sarah

    And as money chaos ends, people like Sarah discover new headspace to strengthen relationships…

    • Whānau relationships strengthen
    • New friendships as people connect to a local church
    • People discover they’re made in God’s image; taking steps closer to Jesus.
    CAP brings money smarts and holistic support

    “I couldn’t stop smiling. I was exposed to something that was amazing…  I just feel so light, bringing the Lord into my life as well.” — Sarah

    Social impact - independently assessed by Impact Lab

    Improved mental health

    Improved spiritual wellbeing

    Improved partner relationships

    Improved physical health & food choices

    Reduced need for emergency benefits

    Create a generational impact. CAP empowered Sarah to repay the debt using her own income. It’s clients who do the hard work — CAP never pays a dollar of their debt. Parents gain money wisdom in the CAP process, and it’s often passed onto children.

    For Sarah, after five months with CAP, she was stable enough to get her own place. Her boys were able to live with her again!

      “And now I’m not worrying about bills, it just opened endless possibilities. I want to have a car by the end of next year. I’d like to go away for a weekend with the kids. My youngest can do more activities.”

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      Anna & Francis

      “CAP helps you get that second chance again.I have realised how good a provider God really is.”


      “Freed up brain space… I feel like the coolest mum on earth! I can enjoy weekends with the kids— being able to feed them whole, nutritious food.”

      Mark & Carol

      “Our marriage: it’s gone from strength-to-strength… there’s no greater feeling on earth than saying yes to our kids!”

      New Zealanders have gone from hardship to living debt free!

      - - - Million dollars - - - in unmanageable debt and bills repaid or written off


      people using CAP Debt Help say it's 'life-transforming' or 'a great help'


      of people stay free from unmanageable debt two years after going debt-free

      A ‘with Jesus’ approach that cares for the whole person

      People are complex, relational beings made up of mind, body and spirit. So, CAP Debt Help works by wrapping around the whole person.

      CAP partners with 46 churches up and down Aotearoa. That means you’ll be addressing physical/material hardship, relational needs, and supporting people to take steps closer to Jesus — all at the same time.

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