Overwhelmed by “mounds of debt”, Emma felt helpless and without hope.

Barely able to afford basics like food, Emma and her son eventually resorted to living in a garage just to get by each week. Simple extras like buying a birthday present left Emma sleepless and gripped by fear.

“I felt worthless as a mum…I was genuinely terrified. I didn’t know what to do.”

One day, Emma discovered CAP and chose to reach out for help.

Watch her amazing story of what happened next:

Right now, hundreds of Kiwi families are trapped by poverty caused by unmanageable debt, unemployment, addiction or a lack of essential life skills.

But you can bring “shelter from the storm” to a someone just like Emma!

A regular gift to CAP means another family can receive free, practical help, and the support they need to be free from poverty. You’ll ensure that – like Emma – they’ll no longer be alone but have a group of people to walk with them as they journey out of debt and poverty.

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Thank you for choosing to give help and hope to another Kiwi like Emma!

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