Restore Life


Few words describe poverty better than the word loss. And loss is exactly what Andy and Kathy were facing.

Unmanageable debt was forcing them closer and closer toward the complete loss of their marriage, their health - their family life.

The couple hit rock bottom, and realising they were going to lose everything, Andy reached out to CAP.

Thanks to thousands of generous Kiwis, Andy and Kathy were able to receive free Debt Help, plus, a church community who supported them every step of the way.

Watch their story to see what happened!

For every family like Andy and Kathy's, there is another one who is on the brink of complete loss.

But, you can restore life to them!

Every gift goes toward ensuring families can receive free help and support, and encounter the love of God.

Will you make a one-time gift this March, and help another family like Andy and Kathy's?

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