Work at CAP and be part of making a difference for New Zealanders every day.

Have you dreamed of giving hope and help to New Zealand families, all while working with a team of awesome people? Then this could be your chance! At CAP, we’re passionate about releasing families out of unmanageable debt and poverty – and giving them hope for the future.

That means we do things with compassion, generosity and professionalism. And, we have a good bit of fun along the way. But the best part? You’ll be playing a role in transforming Aotearoa, one precious life at a time!

If that gets you excited, check out the roles below and apply today!

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“Each day, I have the opportunity to be part of bringing restoration to our client’s lives... Through the work we do, and the conversations we have, I get to restore value, peace, and hope for the future – even dreams once forgotten.” - Alex, Specialist Advice Manager

"I get to be that voice on the other end of the phone, reminding clients their future is not defined by their past or current situation. I have the opportunity to help clients thrive – and to plan for a future they never imagined was possible!” - Eilidh, Client Set-Up Caseworker

“I’m a New Zealander and a Christian. I want the best for the people of our nation Aotearoa, and to be part of something that is bringing hope, restoration, wholeness – that’s where my heart is. For me, an opportunity came along where I could do something.” - Sam, CEO CAP NZ

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work at CAP. For me, it’s the chance to merge two worlds I’m passionate about: ministry and debt counselling. I love it!” - Janice, Client Set Up Caseworker