Emma’s Story

Emma shares her fight to become debt free -- and the mum she's always wanted to be!

Get Inspired by a CAP Speaker!

Check out why churches all over New Zealand are inviting a CAP Speaker to their churches.

"Debt free, set free!"

Over 1,700 New Zealanders like Kath and Malo started where you are now... and now they're debt free!

“I did a crazy dance!”

After living in a garage, Emma is now debt free, She says “I can finally be the mum I always wanted to be!”

Andy & Kathy's story

"We can laugh, we can joke, we pray together. All the things we couldn't do before - we can do now!"

CAP Money Explained

Budget, save, spend – controlling your finances is that easy!

Church Partner Testimonies

Find out what other church leaders are saying about partnering with CAP!

Clestina's Story

This is the love that I've been longing for; and I'll never be in that dark place again.

Debt free call:

Take a listen as CAP client, Michael, receives the news he's debt free!

Do more with your money!

Learn how CAP Money can transform your finances.

Dom's story

"[Release Group] gives you a sense of belonging, responsibility to each other, friendship, respect, loyalty, accountability, a sense of someone’s got my back.”

Fia's Story

After raising her family, Fia had no idea how to find work. Then she found her local Job Club.

Job Clubs: Henry's story

"I sent more than 100 [CVs] in the first 3 months...Job Club gave me direction, it gave me support."

Job Clubs: James' story

"It's been great - you're in a team environment where you're bouncing ideas off each other and you don't find that out in the rest of the world..."

Job Clubs: Lena's story

"The Job Club is supportive, it is encouraging... it is such a friendly and relaxing atmosphere."

Kath & Malo’s Story

Debt free, set free! Watch Kath & Malo’s journey to restore their finances and their family.

Lesley's Story

Now that I'm free from my anger, my family and I have more fun.

Mark & Carol's Christmas

For Mark and Carol, being in debt meant Christmas was something they just wanted to forget about. Today - after working with CAP - they're debt free, and can't wait for a Christmas that has whole new meaning:

Mark & Carol's story

"I felt like I was in this massive hole, and I was trying to get out. And then by calling CAP, there's this ladder coming over the hole coming down to meet me."

One Church Journey

CAP partner churches continue to be on the frontline of bringing this impact, as you’ll see in the video 'One Church Journey'.

Release Groups from UK

What’s Release Groups all about? Check out a video from our friends in the UK.

Robert and Katie's story

A burden lifted, a marriage saved: How Robert & Katie found help and healing through CAP.

Sean & Bex's story

"Life Skills has given us the equipment to move forward...it's given us skills we just didn't have."

Sia's story

"I started feeling happier, like I was full. When I was with CAP, I had people that had my back, who believed in me."

Thank you!

These New Zealand families have a message to the thousands of people giving them access to practical help and spiritual hope - THANK YOU!

The CAP NZ Story - 10 Years!

This is the story of CAP New Zealand and the thousands of people helped since 2007

Three families share their journey with CAP

"CAP gave us the hope that everything would be ok."

What does it take to run a CAP ministry?

What does it take to run a CAP ministry? A love for people and a love for sharing your faith!