CAP Christmas Appeal

Across Aotearoa, there’s a ballooning number of people in financial hardship, just as Roy once was. CAP is grateful for your church’s heart to respond to this urgent need — by including the CAP appeal in an upcoming service.

Your church will be enabling New Zealanders in debt and poverty to have a new beginning this Christmas.

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About CAP’s church Christmas appeal

The need is growing

This year, across Aotearoa, individuals, mums and dads, want a home that’s free of poverty. Free of unmanageable debt.

With the rising cost of living, CAP expects 51 New Zealand households to call for help every week in the lead-up to Christmas. These are people in money chaos.

  • Before CAP,  2 out of 3 people who called CAP were skipping meals because of debt.
  • 3 out of 4 were experiencing anxiety because of their debt.

As people are pursued by money lenders, it’s common to lose sleep and become increasingly isolated.

Roy's CAP Story

This Christmas, CAP is excited to share Roy’s story with you. Following a workplace injury and a relationship breakup, Roy found himself living in his car. He had a huge number of debts, which weighed heavily. For Roy, surviving Christmas — before CAP — included busking in the park, simply to earn enough to buy baked beans…

After hitting rock bottom, Roy reached out for free CAP Debt Help. You can see how Roy’ story finishes by watching his video below… ✨All thanks to the love of Jesus, CAP’s free practical help and spiritual hope provided by the local church!

How CAP and the local church makes a difference

With CAP, hope starts from the very first phone call. The local church wraps around each client, visiting their home, providing emergency food if needed — as well as supplying vital connection to ensure people are not alone. CAP negotiates with money lenders in an effort to write-off unfair interest and fees.  A customised budget is created to cover life’s needs like food and rent — with a plan to pay back people’s debts… using their own income!

As people’s money chaos ends, doors open for whānau to focus on what’s most important to them. There’s an opportunity to start strengthening their relationships… with money, with self,  others and with God.

These days, Roy has found his groove — he now plays bass in the church worship team! 🎸

Watch the ‘How CAP Debt Help works’ video

Resources your church will receive for its CAP Appeal

You’ll find downloadable resources for your CAP Christmas Appeal Sunday service: PowerPoint slides, videos, helpful tips, and sermon starter ideas!

And when you sign-up for the Christmas Appeal today, you’ll receive a donation postcard pack (includes envelopes & Christmas tokens for each congregation member), which you can pop on their seats before your worship service.


Choose how to include CAP in your service

You can choose one or a combination of three options:

  1. Deliver a short/impactful mention of the Appeal (eg. a few minutes at notice time)
  2. You could take up a mission offering (eg. during your notices slot)
  3. You could decide to dedicate most of your service to sharing about this important mahi/work.

Whichever route you take, CAP is incredibly grateful. Thank you for your church’s commitment to enabling New Zealanders in debt and poverty to have a new beginning this Christmas.

CAP’s digital pack

Download your church’s digital resources. The ‘How to guide’ includes tips on how to make best use of the resources. CAP recommends using the 3min:40s video in your service —  it’s been filmed especially for your church Christmas Appeal ✨.

*These buttons will take you to where you can download the relevant resources.

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Also, watch Roy’s news story on Seven Sharp.