Your one-time gift will help warm up the winter for a family in need.

Unmanageable debt is one of the biggest drivers of poverty in our nation. It keeps people trapped in a depressing, never-ending cycle.

People like Lania.

Forced to give up work due to an illness, Lania struggled to pay her bills and very quickly her small amount of debt became huge. Suddenly, Lania's choice every week I pay the rent, or pay the electricity? 

Eventually her power was disconnected, and she went without electricity for eight long months, including over winter:

"I was at rock-bottom. I was up to my ears in debt and didn't know where to go. I used a gas cooker to cook food, and boiled water [on it] to have a wash."

Thankfully Lania found a CAP pamphlet in a cafe, and called for help. And thanks to people like you, Lania could get the help she needed, immediately.

This winter, Kiwi families are facing awful choices just as the winter sets in.

Your one-time gift of $54 or $78 will help to open more Debt Centres around New Zealand and provide vital help to Kiwis in a high need area. You'll help make winter warmer for another family - and give hope for a future free from debt and poverty!

Lania is now debt free, enjoying a job she loves - and her power bill is in credit!

Will you warm up the winter for another Kiwi today?

 *Lania's image changed by request

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