Mark & Carol's Christmas

For Mark and Carol, being in debt meant Christmas was something they just wanted to forget about. Today - after working with CAP - they're debt free, and can't wait for a Christmas that has whole new meaning:

Christmas can be a time of sheer pressure and stress for New Zealand families - as it once was for Mark and Carol.

Deeply in debt and facing unbearable stress, all Mark and Carol wanted to do was skip Christmas and forget all about it: "It wasn't the joy of Christmas, it was the horror of Christmas."

Right now, many other New Zealand families are facing a similar Christmas. For these families, ‘the horror of Christmas’ is all too real.

But you can bring joy to a family this Christmas, by blessing them with a food hamper:

  • One hamper for $30
  • Two hampers for $60
  • Three hampers for $90
  • Or, give $150 to bless a new client family with groceries in the New Year
  • Other $

Thank you for bringing joy this Christmas!

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