Abbey engages with church leaders and congregations up and down the country – sharing about CAP, and journeying with them, as they consider taking on a CAP ministry at their church.

Abbey, what inspires you?
I’m inspired everyday by the stories that come in from our church partners and the clients they are working with – the love, courage, grace and salvation that is happening in communities is so inspiring.

What do you love about your job?
I love that we really do walk that journey alongside a church – answering questions, providing resources and encouragement, workshopping and trouble-shooting challenges.
More than 27 Christian denominations partner with CAP, with churches ranging in size from 30+ and people of all ages and backgrounds step into ministry – I love that!
I love that as a team, we are able to support churches across the country in prayer…. and that’s not just for churches who we partner with…we pray for all the churches we connect with!!

What do you have faith for this year?
I’d love for CAP ministries to be in new churches and new communities across New Zealand. Every week, there are people calling for help, and there isn’t yet a church running a Debt Centre, Job Club, Release Group – or our new Life Skills – in their communities – and that is heartbreaking. I’d love to be in a place where we never have to turn away someone who is reaching out for help.

And the best thing about working for CAP?
The PEOPLE!! I work with extraordinary people every day – in the Head Office, in our network and in churches across the country!!