“Every time I talk about my job, it just brings out a big smile on my face.”

When Nia joined a Job Club at her local church, she’d been out of work for eight years.

Nia left the workforce to be a stay-at-home mum for her four children.

As her children grew up, and the years ticked by, some doubts about re-joining the workforce crept in. Her self-belief suffered. Nia doubted herself so much that she wondered if she’d ever find work again.

“I had no confidence in myself to go back and look for a job.”

Nia heard about Job Clubs after attending another CAP programme, CAP Money. She decided to go along, but doubted Job Clubs could help her! Even when she turned up for the first time Nia wondered to herself “Am I in the right place?”

But Nia soon realised that everyone there was in the same boat: Although everyone was from different backgrounds, their common goal was needing support to get a job.

And, very quickly, all the Job Club members found they were a support to each other!

“We were really motivated by each other and inspired by all our different stories and backgrounds.”

Nia had no hesitation going back to the Job Club, week after week.

What impacted her the most? Finding out that her stay-at-home-mum skills are actually transferable to the paid workforce! Over many years of running a household, Nia is an expert in time management and has developed great organisational abilities!

Barry, her Job Club coach, helped Nia write these skills into her CV, in a professional way.

He also set her a ‘homework’ task – to talk to a good friend, and ask what were the best qualities she saw in Nia.

So Nia talked to her friend Janice, and later, when she saw a teacher aide job advert, Janice immediately thought of Nia. Within days, Nia had applied for her first paid job in over 8 years and had a job interview booked!

Barry helped Nia prepare for her upcoming interview by coaching her with interview skills. They also role-played the interview together – with Barry acting as the employer. “That helped me with my confidence as well because it’s been years since I had been for a job interview,” says Nia.

Happily the interview went extremely well and – you guessed it – Nia got the job!

Nia now works alongside Year 1 and 2 pupils as their teacher aide and she just loves it! What’s more, the hours are perfect and she can be home after school for her own kids.

Already this former stay-at-home-mum is going the extra mile in her job, by running a Samoan cultural group for the school.

“I went in to the Job Club feeling inadequate, but when I left, a confident person walked out.”