Jan 2017

Church club rallies around woman, helps her find first job in New Zealand!

For Elaine, moving to New Zealand was supposed to be the answer to a better life, a safer home, more time with her kids and grandkids. She came with 20 years of work experience and a CV packed with solid references. After nearly 2 years of job-searching with no success, Elaine questioned everything –her skills, her value, and the God she once believed cared for her.

But when she walked into the CAP Job Club at her local church, she found a community that embraced her.

What did she learn most from that Club? ‘We had an employer come in and share about what they look for in interviews. It helped me think like an employer would, and it helped me learn to be myself in interviews.’

And, Elaine commented that it was ‘so good to meet people in the same situation’ she was in. She didn’t feel alone anymore – in fact, she started to make new friends! As Elaine became more comfortable in the group, her Job Club Coach Barry helped her strengthen her CV and coached her through mock interviews.

With the support of people who believed in her, Elaine began believing in herself again –and believing that God had something good for her.

After just a few weeks at the Job Club, Elaine secured her first interview in more than a year, which led to a second and third interview for that role.

Barry coached her throughout the process and at the end – they celebrated! In Elaine’s words – “Finding work totally lifted me up!” It made her believe she does have worth, and even more, that God had not abandoned her.