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A confidential, caring group that helps people find complete freedom from life-controlling habits.

Life-controlling habits come in all forms – from smoking and alcohol to shopping, Internet use and even a negative thought life.

But they all have one thing in common: each can destroy people’s lives and keep them from living to their full potential.

For Lesley, who came to a CAP Release Group in 2015, anger controlled her life and threatened to destroy her marriage.

Through her Release Group, she discovered the power of forgiveness and finally found freedom.

A CAP Release Group provides your church with a practical way to reach people like Lesley in your community and help them find complete freedom from life-controlling habits.

How it works

Release Groups are a safe place where people from your community can experience group support and one-to-one coaching to find freedom from a habit they just can’t kick. The weekly community group typically runs for 10-12 weeks and includes a course inspired by the international Twelve Steps Programme, covering topics such as acknowledging the problem, setting goals, developing healthy habits and the power of forgiveness.

Through a Release Group, you and your church can give members a community who accepts them and a place where they experience the power of God’s love.

“A young lady, who started drinking at 13, was touched by the second session, ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’ and the promises given by God.
Today, she has told me she had thought about our last coaching session and really wanted to make a commitment to God!”
- Mairi, Release Group Manager

How CAP works with your church

CAP equips your church with the training, on-going support and resources to run an effective and successful Release Group in your community.

Specifically, CAP provides your team with:

Local events, workshops and launch support

You can attend a regional Church Leader Event to learn more about CAP; or, CAP can host a workshop at your church so you can learn how a Release Group can best serve your community. A CAP speaker will help you launch and build the support team; and, we’ll guide you through a community launch to get local referral agencies on board.

Comprehensive resources

CAP provides all the course material you need, including the 8-week Release Groups workbook, which covers everything from effective goal setting and identifying your problem to the power of forgiveness and how to change a negative thought life. You’ll also have access to press releases, brochures, and materials to help get the word out to people in your church and community.


Your Manager will train at the CAP Head Office and be equipped for the day-to-day running of your Release Group, so that the pastoral team doesn’t need to take on the management of your ministry.

Ongoing support, development and prayer

Your Release Group Manager will be supported and coached by the CAP Network Team giving them access to ongoing development, trouble-shooting, prayer support and bi-annual CAP Conferences.

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What your church provides

By partnering with CAP, your church will be equipped to help people find freedom from life-controlling habits and share God’s love in action. To do this effectively, you’ll need a:

Release Group Manager

Someone who loves people, loves God – and has the desire to run a ministry in your church! Because all the content is provided, your Release Group Manager is free to facilitate and support your group without the pressure of needing professional counselling experience.

This could be a great opportunity for someone in your church who has a heart for community outreach.

A room & refreshments

The relaxed, welcoming environment you create means your group can feel at home and enjoy being together.

Support & Prayer Team

A support & prayer team will help your Release Group Manager run the actual group and build a close connection with your wider church, so that your group becomes a a safe, caring and effective environment for everyone who attends.

Church Launch

By hosting a CAP Speaker for your Release Group launch, your congregation will be inspired to get involved with your Release Group from the beginning. The CAP Speaker will also share about the wider work of CAP and give people the opportunity to provide prayer and financial support.



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