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Long-term debt counselling that lifts people out of debt and poverty

Every day, the CAP team receives calls from families in communities throughout New Zealand whose lives are being devastated by debt. Often, they are isolated, and struggling alone.

These are families like Kath and Malo, who before CAP, were struggling to feed their children and keep their marriage together as they battled mounting debt.

Today, after working with CAP, they are debt free, saving for the future, and passing on their knowledge to their kids!

They are just a few of the thousands who have been helped by CAP and the local church: CAP Debt Help provides a proven, life-changing opportunity for your church to help people in your community get out – and stay out – of unmanageable debt and poverty.

How it works

A Debt Centre run through the local church works in close partnership with the CAP caseworker team. The church’s Debt Centre Manager visits families in their homes, collects all information regarding their financial sitution, and supports them emotionally, physically and spiritually as they work with CAP.

The CAP caseworker team takes care of the techincal side of the Debt Help journey, from booking clients in on their first visit to building budgets, negotiating with creditors and setting up debt repayment plans that prioritse housing, food, and clothing. And, the team walk with people during the 3-4 year journey out of debt.

“CAP holds the value of evangelism and the value of social justice…they are always for the church and to empower the church.” - Ps Reuben Munn, Shore Community Church

How CAP works with your church

CAP equips your church with the training, on-going support and resources to run an effective and successful Debt Centre in your community.

Specifically, CAP provides your team with:

Local events, workshops and launch support

You can attend a regional Church Leader Event to learn more about CAP; or, CAP can host a workshop at your church so you can learn how a Debt Centre can best serve your community. A CAP speaker will help you launch and build the support team; and, we’ll guide you through a community launch to get local business and referral agencies on board.

Comprehensive Training

Along with a team of new Centre Managers at the Head Office in Auckland, your church’s Centre Manager will be fully trained to run your Debt Centre.

Publicity, evangelism & discipleship tools

As a partner church, you and your team will have access to press releases, brochures, training materials and evangelism and discipleship booklets, so that you’re supported and fully equipped to run your Debt Centre.

Ongoing support, development and prayer

Your Debt Centre Manager and Coaches will be supported and coached by the CAP Network Partnerships team giving them access to ongoing development, trouble-shooting, prayer support and bi-annual CAP Conferences.

In addition, the CAP Client Services team will support your client families by building budgets, negotiating with creditors, advocating on their behalf, and providing expert advice throughout the 3-4 year journey out of debt.

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What your church provides

By partnering with CAP, your church will have the opportunity to help families living in unmanageable debt and share God’s love in action. To do this effectively, you’ll need a:

Debt Centre Manager

You’ll need to employ or recruit a volunteer Centre Manager to run the Debt Centre.

Because the CAP team takes care of the budgeting and creditor negotiations, your Centre Manager doesn’t need in-depth financial knowledge. Instead, the Centre Manager is someone from your church with a passion for sharing the gospel, a heart for reaching the community and the desire to pioneer a new ministry.

Church Launch

By hosting a CAP Speaker for a Debt Centre launch, your congregation will be inspired to get involved with your Debt Centre from the beginning. A CAP Speaker will also share about the wider work of CAP and give people the opportunity to provide prayer and financial support.

Support Team

Your church has the privilege of building up a Support Team to befriend CAP families and show God’s love in simple, yet powerful ways – like taking clients for a coffee, popping by with a meal, helping with practical needs around the house or inviting them to church.

Community Launch

A community launch event, such as a morning tea, is the perfect way to engage with local social services (such as WINZ), community organisations and local dignitaries so they can learn more about CAP. It’s also a great opportunity to explain how CAP works, answer any questions, create a referral network and build long-term relationships.

2021 training dates

Debt Centre training takes place over 4 days at the CAP Head Office in Auckland. Your Manager and/or Coaches will join a team of other trainees ready to open a Debt Help Centre in their churches. It’s a great opportunity to learn what it takes to run the ministry and connect with the wider CAP team!

15-18 June 2021

21-24 September 2021



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