Release Groups

Find freedom from life-controlling habits.

Do you have an unwanted habit?

Is there a pattern that is having a negative impact on your life? You’re invited to a CAP Release Group – a confidential, caring group which will help you kick your habit.

CAP Release Groups offer a safe, non-judgemental community that will help you break free. Whatever you’re struggling with (smoking, shopping, alcohol, anger, the Internet… you don’t have to resolve it on you own. There’s absolutely no cost to attend.

How it works

CAP Release Groups consist of eight sessions, spread across eight weeks. Each session takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Over time, you’ll gain the knowledge, practical tools and one-to-one coaching you need to overcome your unwanted habit. Because a CAP Release Group takes place in a group setting, you’ll have the opportunity to receive support and friendship from people who are determined to break their own habits as well.

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What CAP Release Groups offer

At CAP Release Groups we respect each other by honouring confidentiality.

You’ll enjoy a community that provides a safe environment to help you break free from life-controlling habits. As you journey together, you’ll have the opportunity to be supported, and support others every step of the way.

You’ll receive eight free sessions of engaging content designed to support you into complete freedom. The course is based on the Twelve Steps – originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous – which actually applies to any unwanted habit from internet addiction, to gambling, over-eating, anger, shopping, drugs... anything! The Twelve Steps have helped millions of people across the world to find freedom from unwanted habits.

You’ll begin by identifying your stumbling blocks and setting healthy habits. Further topics include how to set goals, dealing with anger and anxiety, forgiveness, and how to go forward in life with freedom. The final session is a party to celebrate your personal victories so far.

Your Release Group coach will ensure you receive support throughout your journey by offering friendship and one-to-one support. Over time you’ll build confidence to set goals, make changes and ultimately, break free.

Celebrating is part of the culture of CAP Release Groups. No matter whether their wins are large or small, you’ll get to commemorate with every group member.

Find your local Release Group

To join the Release Group in your area, call the CAP team on  0508 227 333

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Frequent questions

Is CAP just for Christians?
Whoever you are, whatever you believe – or don’t believe – CAP welcomes you!

Does your service cost anything?
No, CAP’s services are free. This is possible because of regular donations from New Zealanders, local churches, businesses and charitable trusts, who want to see courageous people like you living life to the full!

"I thought, 'I've done this all before, here we go again.' It's going to be the same thing... I'm just going to chuck it all in. But my Release Group didn't judge me for how I was. I am very grateful for what CAP's done for me and how it affected my life."