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Struggling to find work? It's free to join a CAP Job Club.

Fia received personal coaching and the right tools to get back into work.

It’s disheartening when you’re struggling to find work alone. A lot of people find that talking with others in the same situation really helps.

A CAP Job Club is totally free. It connects you with a welcoming community of friends and job seekers so you can support and encourage eah other along the way.

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What does a CAP Job Club look like?

CAP Job Club consists of eight free sessions, spread across eight weeks. Each session takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Together with your coach – and other Job Clubs members – you’ll learn how to set goals, build a winning CV and get a foot in the door with employers in your community. Whether you’ve been looking for employment for a short time or a while, a Job Club will help you find work and build the future you want.

Call free to find out about a CAP Job Club in your area.

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Inspiring stories from people who joined a CAP Job Club…

What CAP Job Clubs offer
You will be joined by a group of job seekers in a similar boat to you, so you can support and encourage each other on your shared journeys to finding work. As a member, you’ll also have opportunities to celebrate your successes together as well.

CAP Job Clubs consist of eight sessions of practical content, which focus on giving you the right tools to find work. Topics cover goal-setting and identifying your unique strengths and skills, CV writing and tips to help you put your best foot forward in an interview. Depending on your Club, you may also have the chance to connect with local employers.

Your Job Club Coach will give you personalised advice and support during one-to-one sessions, so that you're ready for interviews and more likely to be successful in your job search.

Find a Job Club near you

To join the Job Club in your area, call the CAP team on 0508 227 222

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Frequent questions

Is CAP just for Christians?
Whoever you are, whatever you believe – or don’t believe – CAP welcomes you!

Does your service cost anything?
No, CAP’s services are free. This is possible because of regular donations from New Zealanders, local churches, businesses and charitable trusts, who want to see courageous people like you get into work!

"My CAP Job Club helped me find not one but two part-time jobs!"