"My children...I felt like I couldn't meet their basic needs. [They got] sick a lot because we couldn't use the power." - Sharon

Although they were both working hard, Sharon and Mike's* debt was a huge burden on the family finances: "We would pick money out of the power bill to get groceries for our kids, and those bills would then fall behind."

Unable to repay their debt, as well as pay bills and essentials like medicine for the children, their home became a place of stress and anxiety. Then, in winter, right when they needed the assurance of a warm home for their children, their power got cut - "We'd all be sleeping in the living room together...and they were more sick than ever."

Desperate for help, Sharon and Mike called CAP - and received immediate CAP Debt Help. With a liveable budget in place and a team to support them every step of the way, Sharon and Mike could finally begin working their way out of debt, feed their kids and afford the essentials like electricity.

Today, many more New Zealand families like Sharon and Mike's are facing similar choices - just as the winter sets in.

But you can make a difference for them and ensure that these families are not left to choose between essentials like electricity or food.

By becoming a Life Changer and giving a regular gift, or by giving a one-off gift, you'll ensure New Zealand families can receive free CAP Debt Help, just like Mike and Sharon. You'll help make winter warmer for another family - and empower them to step into a future free from debt and poverty!

Will you warm up the winter today?

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*Sharon & Mike's names and images changed by request