Do you want to help MORE New Zealanders out of poverty?

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today. My children, they’ve noticed the difference, they just go ‘oh wow Mum.’

Before bravely reaching out to Christians Against Poverty Isabella could barely feed her family. At times, they went without even the most basic necessities.

I’ve gone without power…I had to use candles and things. I felt like I was sinking, drowning.

After reaching out to CAP for vital Debt Help, today Isabella is no longer in a place of simply surviving. Despite having her hours reduced following lockdown, Isabella has the long-term support she needs to thrive. Even little things like taking her kids to the local swimming pool!

Right now, there are more New Zealanders like Isabella facing tough times - having to choose between heating, or eating. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Will you give today so another family can go from barely surviving, to thriving and doing well?

When you set up or increase your regular ‘Life Changer’ gift, you make it easier and more effective than ever for you to help families who are sinking in poverty, like Isabella once was.

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These New Zealand families have a message to the thousands of people giving them access to practical help and spiritual hope - THANK YOU!

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