Rebekah felt like she was drowning. She and her husband worked hard to get on top of historical debt, but it was more than they could tackle alone. Sometimes the family survived on $50 a week for food. Family relationships suffered as well.

"It was just overwhelming. Money problems affect the whole atmosphere.”

After years of searching for help, the burden finally began to lift when a CAP Debt Help Coach visited their home.

“There was no judgment, there was nothing but grace, nothing but helpfulness... she showed Jesus in every possible way.”

All over Aotearoa, New Zealanders are facing impossible choices this winter – do they heat their home or feed their children; buy warm clothing or pay that urgent bill?

When you choose to give a regular gift to CAP, or a one-off donation, you ensure more people in debt and poverty receive free, practical help, and the long-term support they need. And, because CAP works in partnership with local churches, you’ll give New Zealanders the opportunity to discover the life-transforming love of Jesus.

Rebekah, like too many New Zealanders, had exhausted every other avenue and had nowhere else to turn. Everything changed because someone said: “Yes – I want to help!” Will you be that someone today?

Give $68 You'll provide an emergency food shop so that one new client has a warm, full tummy and money freed up for electricity

Give $105 You'll provide free holistic Debt Help for a month – wrapping a family in practical support and relational warmth

Give other amount Your gift will go toward a food shop or where needed most

Any donations received above the need for food parcels will be used where needed most.

Alternatively, you can start a regular gift, or increase your regular gift, which gives vital help on a monthly basis.

Donations given online are powered by Pushpay and completely secure. Alternatively, you can give offline or via bank transfer here.

Thank you for bringing warmth this winter to a family like Rebekah's!

*Rebekah and her family's identities have been changed to protect privacy

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