Right now, New Zealand families are desperately calling CAP in the lead-up to Christmas.

Will you give a one-off gift so that a family can receive vital help and a new beginning?

For New Zealanders living in poverty at Christmas, it's often when they feel at their most hopeless.

"Food was limited...we felt alone. It was an answered prayer when I cried out to God for help and He brought us to CAP." - Maria and Ronnie

Last year alone, 361 people like Maria and Ronnie called CAP for help in the lead up to Christmas. Most of whom had exhausted every other avenue and had nowhere else to turn.

Will you answer the call for another family this Christmas?

Give a one-off gift

Your one-off gift will provide a family with:

A caring first responder to answer their call

A Christmas hamper, or emergency food if needed

  Free Debt Help:

a budget that prioritises the family's food and rent, a CAP Caseworker to negotiate with creditors and provide long-term support as they repay their debt - all with the support of a local church community

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Last year's Christmas: Maria & Ronnie's story

When Maria and Ronnie's new baby became frequently sick, Maria was forced to give up her job to be at home with him.

Because they were reduced to one income, the bills and debt started to mount. The family had barely enough money for essentials like food or petrol, Ronnie took on extra shifts at work. But still there was no end in sight to the debt. The pressure from creditors became unbearable.

Then the week before Christmas last year, they hit breaking point.

Buried under mountains of debt and feeling alone and desperate, Maria cried out to God. A search on the internet eventually led Maria to discover CAP - and she made that life-changing first call for help.

"I was nervous to call CAP as I thought it may be like a call to my creditors. The CAP gentleman who answered my call seemed to really care... I burst into tears when he prayed for me and my family. For the first time since struggling financially, there was someone who cared about us."

That same week, Justine, their local CAP Debt Coach, visited them in their home and brought them a Christmas food hamper, and clothes and blankets for their baby. With the team at CAP Head Office working on building a livable budget and negotiating with their creditors, Maria and Ronnie could pay for essentials like food and rent - and were no longer alone.

For the first time in months, Maria and Ronnie were no longer stressed, and could finally focus on time together as a family.

"The stress and sleepless nights were taken away. It was a huge relief mentally and emotionally."

One year on, Maria and Ronnie are still on their CAP journey; they're continuing to work hard at paying off their debts. But they are so grateful for the hope they received at Christmas last year:

"The Lord rescued us from our hardship through CAP and has given us a new beginning."

You can answer the call for another family this Christmas.

Your one-off gift means a family like Maria and Ronnie's can receive the same practical help - and have a brand-new beginning.

Donations given online are powered by Pushpay and completely secure.

*As Maria and Ronnie are still current CAP clients, their identities have been changed to protect their privacy.