Alaina felt hostage to her unmanageable debt. Despite working fulltime, her pay went straight out to loans. Her electricity was cut off, and each fortnight she was left with just $40 to feed her family.

"My priority was, I have to pay these bills otherwise they’re going to repossess my car… everything in our house, so yeah, I was very vulnerable."

But all that changed when Alaina called CAP and began to receive free help. A Debt Help coach visited her home.

"She opened with a prayer and I remember the words just really touched me.”

Right now, there are people all around Aotearoa who are in a similar place to where Alaina was – overwhelmed by debt, unable to pay for essential living costs, and fearful of their future. Now, more than ever, these families need your help.

When you choose to give a regular gift to CAP, or a one-off donation, you ensure more people in debt and poverty receive free, practical help, and the long-term support they need. And, because CAP works in partnership with local churches, you’ll give New Zealanders the opportunity to discover the life-transforming love of Jesus.

Everything changed for Alaina because someone said: “Yes – I want to help!” Will you be that someone today?

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