“Debt upon debt. It was consuming me.”

You can wrap a whānau like Winnie’s in love and warmth this winter.

“Debt upon debt. It was consuming me.”

You can wrap a whānau like Winnie’s in love & warmth this winter.

For people in hardship, winter really bites. For Winnie, it meant a struggle to provide everyday essentials like food and power for her young family.

“I couldn’t afford to pay for heating. I had three children all under the age of five. They’re all asthmatic…”

“I would look in clothing bins so I could make sure that my children were warm.”

On pay-day, Winnie would pay back the loan from the week before, then take out another loan to survive the week.

“I ended up in a kind of cycle… I don’t even have words to describe life before CAP. It was that bad. A lifetime of things I never thought I’d break free from.”

Friend, by making a one-off donation today, you’ll ensure people like Winnie can access the free support they need. 

* Online donations are powered by Pushpay & are secure. ‘My choice’ goes where needed most.

* Online donations are powered by Pushpay & are secure.

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When you donate today, you’ll be giving free CAP Debt Help which includes:

  • A caring CAP first responder when a person calls for help.
  • An emergency food parcel, or other practical assistance as needed
  • A budget prioritising essentials like food, rent and power.
  • Long-term CAP support – expertise & advocacy as people work towards freedom from unmanageable debt.
  • A hands-on journey of learning to budget and save, which helps build life-changing financial habits.
  • An introduction to a loving church family, to walk alongside each person.

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CAP emergency food
CAP emergency food

Winnie became sick of living under a cloud of financial chaos. She was determined to do something for the sake of her tamariki/kids.

“It was a generational thing. My parents were in hardship, their parents too. I don’t want that legacy left around for my kids. I decided to call CAP.”

Before CAP’s help, situations like Winnie’s are sadly, all too common:

    • 8 out 10 people said debt affected their mental health.
    • 3 out of 10 said they couldn’t afford to heat their homes during winter.
    • Nearly 1 in 2 skipped meals.

*Source: CAP Client Survey 2023.

Winnie CAP Debt Help Client at beach with daughter
Winnie CAP Debt Help Client at beach with daughter

After Winnie reached out for help, CAP collated Winnie’s paperwork, negotiated with her creditors and created a budget that prioritised her family’s needs.

“I’d been living week to week… but now, I have money through the weekends! When I see a power bill, I’m ecstatic to know that I’m able to pay it!”

Your generosity – in partnership with CAP and the local church – provides the support individuals & whānau need to become financially resilient.

And CAP never pays a dollar of clients’ debt it’s clients who do the hard work of keeping to a budget & making repayments. Since CAP started in Aotearoa in 2008, over $112 millions dollars in debt and bills has been repaid or written off.

When you give before 31 July, you’ll empower this same kind of transformative help for another family this winter.

* Online donations are powered by Pushpay & are secure.

In Winnie’s hardest times, she says she drew strength from her favourite scripture, Proverbs 3:5 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

“He always leads my path straight. Everything that happened with CAP would just leave me jaw-dropped every single time. The debt used to consume my mind. And now that is gone. I feel loved, I feel appreciated.” 

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. My gratitude is beyond what words can express.”

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