“God put us right back together!”

Every day, Lesley battled her smoking habit and her anger, which affected her family life. And no matter how hard she tried or how much she prayed, she just couldn’t manage it on her own.

So in those first few weeks of attending her local CAP Release Group, Lesley began taking small steps toward reaching her big goal: giving up 60 cigarettes a week and managing her anger. Along the way, Lesley discovered the power of being in a group of people who knew what she was going through.

‘Sharing my story, being transparent, has brought me real friendships. You know, the kind where people ask “How are you?” and they really want to know the true answer. Friendships that aren’t afraid of the hard stuff.’

In week 5 of the group – Lesley had her big breakthrough when she discovered the power of forgiveness.

‘I was able to forgive a family member who had hurt me for years. I’d never been able to do that before, and this is what I needed to move on and let go of my anger,’ Lesley says.

Her ability to forgive shifted everything! Today, Lesley has cut her smoking to just 1 cigarette a week, and plans to be smokefree soon.

Perhaps the biggest change Lesley has experienced is in her family life: ‘We have so much fun now! I’m not angry, and I’m not so controlling anymore. My son is SO happy because I’m more relaxed. My husband and I talk more than we have in more than 15years of marriage. We’re finally committed to putting family and God first!’

‘If you’re struggling – there is a way forward. There are people who care and understand!’

Lesley's Story

Now that I'm free from my anger, my family and I have more fun.