Before CAP, Mark and Carol were deeply in debt and just couldn't make ends meet. With their financial situation "snowballing" and their marriage on the rocks, Mark finally reached out to CAP for help.

"I felt like I was in this massive hole, and I was trying to get out. And then by calling CAP, there's this ladder coming over the hole coming down to meet me."

Two years on, life looks totally different for Mark, Carol and their family. Check out their powerful story and be inspired by their incredible turnaround!

"There's no greater feeling on earth than being able to say 'Yes' to our kids."

Right now, many New Zealand families trapped in the life-sentence of poverty are forced to say "no" - even to the most basic of items like heating and quality food. By giving a one-time gift, or by becoming a Life Changer and giving regularly to CAP, you’ll ensure another family like Mark and Carol's can receive free help through a CAP service across Aotearoa.

Every gift will provide practical help to those in need, and lift even more New Zealanders out of debt and poverty - and into a life filled with hope and freedom.

Today, will you say 'Yes!' and change someone’s life by giving?

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These New Zealand families have a message to the thousands of people giving them access to practical help and spiritual hope - THANK YOU!

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