CAP Money Youth

This NEW one-session course is an exciting add-on to the expanding CAP Money programme, and is designed to be run in youth groups and schools around the country.
How CAP equips your church

CAP provides the training, material and ongoing support to run CAP Money Youth, and your church just needs 1-3 volunteers to run the course. It’s that simple!

Through a DVD story, an Interactive Budget and a personal, budget-building exercise, you will work with students to:
  • Highlight the importance of planning and setting your own money goals
  • Teach students how to build and balance a budget, while saving for the future
  • Outline principles around good money management, so that students can apply them both now and in the future.
The CAP Money Youth course offers the perfect opportunity for you and your church to play a crucial role in teaching Kiwi youth sound money management – while demonstrating the love of God in action! 

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I don’t know what I would have done without CAP. They have been life-changing for us.
Lani & Kym
The best thing about being on CAP is the relief from stress. “I can even go in to shops and buy some small stuff for myself now, instead of only window-shopping,”

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