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CAP RELEASE GROUPS – a confidential, caring group that helps bring complete freedom from life-controlling habits

Are you struggling to kick a habit that just seems to control your life? Do you find your life negatively impacted by a dependence on anything from smoking to shopping?

Release Groups is a confidential and safe community that helps you experience freedom by breaking life-controlling habits. By helping you to identify the challenges and giving you the tools to take back control, you will have the confidence to transform your life.

Regardless of habit, a Release Group in your community offers you a support group of likeminded people, and one to one coaching in a confidential environment.

How a Release Group works
A Release Group helps and supports you through
  • a confidential and safe community with others
  • an eight-week course
  • one-on-one coaching sessions.

Community –
The power of Release Groups is in the confidential community that provides a safe environment to help you break life-controlling habits. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to be supported, and support others, on every step of your journey.
Course – The course provides 8 sessions of vital content designed to help you with each step to complete freedom. The course begins with helping you identify your stumbling blocks and setting healthy habits.

Further topics cover how to set goals, dealing with anger and anxiety, forgiveness, and how to go forward in life with freedom. The final session is a party to celebrate the victories of your Release Group so far!

Coaching –
Your Release Group coach will ensure you receive the support and advice you need throughout your journey. A Release Group coach offers friendship and one-to-one personalised support that gives you confidence to set goals, make changes and experience the joy of success.

Release Groups Around the Country
To find out if one of the local Release Groups can help you, call free on 0508 227 333. 

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I don’t know what I would have done without CAP. They have been life-changing for us.
Lani & Kym
The best thing about being on CAP is the relief from stress. “I can even go in to shops and buy some small stuff for myself now, instead of only window-shopping,”

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