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Debt can happen to anyone, for a variety of reasons. Every year, together with local churches, CAP helps hundreds of families get back on their feet and work their way out of debt.
Our free, one-of-a-kind debt counselling service works with each unique client to create a budget that prioritizes food and rent, negotiate with creditors and establish a long-term repayment plan
so that people become completely debt free!
Are you struggling in debt? Read below for more information or call 0508 227 111 to see how CAP can help!

Or, download the brochure for more information here.
How CAP Debt Help Works :: The Journey Out of Debt

Page-2-Image-4(copy)  Setting Up a Home Visit 
  Call 0508 227 111 to find out if you live in a city covered by a CAP Debt Centre. If you do, we'll set up an 
  appointment so a Debt Coach and support worker from the local Debt Centre visit you in your own home.

Page-2-Image-3(copy)  Building a Liveable Budget
  At the Head Office in Auckland, our trained debt counsellors will work out a realistic budget by prioritising 
  your essential bills like food and rent, negotiating affordable payments with each creditor and stopping unfair
                          interest charges where possible. Your local Debt Coach will then visit you again to explain the budget, any
                          options or choices you may have to work your way out of debt, and what payments you will need to make.

Page-2-Image-5(copy)  Working with a Debt Management Plan
  To help you stick to your budget and repay your debts we will set up a debt management plan (a CAP 
  Account) for you. You will need to make one weekly, biweekly or monthly payment into your plan to cover 
                          your debt repayments. CAP will then distribute this to your creditors on your behalf—so you can focus on 
                          getting back on your feet. And, you'll be set up with a savings account, so you begin to set aside money for
                          the future.

Page-2-Image-6(copy)  Dealing with Severe Debt
  If you are in severe debt, then we can walk you through insolvency options, such as petitioning for  
  bankruptcy or No Asset Procedure. We can help you deal with forms and give you advice along the way.

Page-2-Image-2(copy)(copy)  Providing Support Every Step of the Way
  You will use your debt management plan to pay your bills and debt repayments, and you will be supported by
  CAP as any circumstances change, until you are debt free.

Debt Centres Around the Country
To find out if one of the local Debt Centres can help you, call free on 0508 227 111.


All of Auckland, apart from Orewa, Whangaparaoa, Kumeu & Papakura


Hamilton Central

Bay of Plenty


New Plymouth

Hawkes Bay
Hastings West


Upper Hutt
Lower Hutt
Wellington Central


Christchurch North
Christchurch West
Christchurch South West
Christchurch Central


What client families are saying

CAP has been my lifesaver and I would not know what to do without the support of your team. Thank you again for your guidance, support and help. -- Doreen
During that first visit with our Debt Coach, everything seemed easier and happier. In the first half hour, we went through everything and while it was stressful at first, we felt so much better after she explained how CAP would help us. We were waiting for her, for that next visit. -- Trevor and Rakke
I appreciate everything CAP NZ is doing and can honestly say it is a relief not to be fielding calls from creditors as much as I have in the past. -- Paul
I recommend CAP 100%-- I was a disbeliever and now I’m paying my bills, my debt is coming down! It’s a huge relief. -- Richard
With CAP, I started being able to pay the rent and bills, and it was like a heavy burden was gone. It changed my whole life; I wouldn’t be living in a house if it wasn’t for CAP.-- Pua
I had desperate thoughts because of my debts and not being able to provide for my kids. But CAP gave me home and provided a way out. I have a home, food, power, hot water...and my kids are happy.-- Natalia
CAP is about so much more than just debt management. They put my finances on track, but they also helped me to get through some of the most difficult times in my life. -- Alpesh
Is CAP just for Christians?
No. CAP helps anyone, regardless of religious beliefs, race, nationality, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.
Does your service cost anything?
No. CAP’s services are offered completely free of charge. We are able to provide a totally free service because CAP is a charity and receives donations from many churches and individuals who want to help people in debt.
Will my creditors co-operate with you? 
Yes. We have professionally trained creditor liaison officers who will negotiate on your behalf, offering creditors repayments based on what you can afford. Creditors work with us because they have seen the results of our involvement and know what we offer is fair.

Can CAP help if I am self-employed?
It depends on your situation. 
Most often, CAP is not the best organisation to help you, because income can be unpredictable and you'll often need access to credit.

However, you can contact the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services on 0508 283 438 or



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I don’t know what I would have done without CAP. They have been life-changing for us.
Lani & Kym
The best thing about being on CAP is the relief from stress. “I can even go in to shops and buy some small stuff for myself now, instead of only window-shopping,”

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