After moving cities for a new start, Sean and Bex found themselves isolated, and in desperate need of help.

One day, they heard about CAP...and started a journey that would change their lives.

Watch their story and see what happened!

Today, Sean and Bex are free from unmanageable debt and have the skills they need to thrive - all because someone like you said 'Yes, I can help.'

By giving a one-time gift, or by becoming a Life Changer and giving regularly to CAP, you’ll ensure another family like Sean and Bex's can receive free help through a CAP service like Debt Help or Life Skills.

Every gift means more families can receive practical help, lifting them out of debt, poverty and its causes. And it means people, just like Sean and Bex, will no longer be alone, but they’ll have a group of people to walk alongside them, every step of the way!

Today, will you help change someone’s life by giving?

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These New Zealand families have a message to the thousands of people giving them access to practical help and spiritual hope - THANK YOU!

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