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Helen & Michael had no intention of falling into crippling debt. Like many families, they worked hard but found that at times it was a struggle to make ends meet.
“We thought we were happy, but in reality we were in debt, and the more money that came in, the more money we spent.”
Eventually, they had to choose between feeding their children or paying the bills. Of course they chose to feed their children – but Helen & Michael would go without themselves.
As the bills mounted and repayment seemed impossible, Helen reached a point where life seemed too hard, and she considered taking her own life, as 1 in 4 of our clients do.
“After the birth of our third child we hit rock bottom; we couldn’t cope like this anymore,” Helen shares.
Driven to the absolute breaking point, the couple sought help and were referred to CAP. They were nervous and ashamed when they made that initial call, but when Brian, the Debt Centre Manager, made the first visit, he brought light, hope and a solution into their desperate situation.
“I was so embarrassed to show our bills, in fear of people laughing at me and saying we can’t help. But our Debt Manager’s reaction was just the opposite!”
explains Helen.
As the CAP team at Head Office began ringing creditors, negotiating debt and putting together a liveable budget that prioritised food and housing, the pressure began to lift a little more for Helen and Michael.
And as they began to live according to that budget, pay into their CAP Account to repay their debts, save, and no longer took out further debt, their lives began to change.
After two years with CAP Helen & Michael are well on their way to becoming debt-free.
And in May 2013 Helen & Michael and their children were invited to go on the annual CAP Discovery Break, an all-expenses-paid weekend for families who would not usually be able to have a holiday. It’s a time not only of fun and pampering, but of learning about God and how much He loves us. Discovery Break was literally a life-changing experience for Helen ...as during one of the learning sessions she gave her life to Jesus! Afterward, she shared this moving testimony:
“When I asked Jesus to come into my life, into my heart, I felt complete. When I gave myself to the Lord, it was an overwhelming feeling— it was like I had found someone I was looking for all of my life.

What a powerful statement about the way that the love of Jesus changes us instantly and fills a longing so deeply!
Today, as they pay off their debt, Helen & Michael have a new church family by their side, supporting them every step of the way.

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I don’t know what I would have done without CAP. They have been life-changing for us.
Lani & Kym
The best thing about being on CAP is the relief from stress. “I can even go in to shops and buy some small stuff for myself now, instead of only window-shopping,”

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